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Product Identification

I.T.S Pumps & Seals can help you in identifying and supplying the correct pump or mechanical seal for any installation.




With great experience in the pumps and seals industry, we will be able to assist you and your requirements for the new pumps or mechanical seals you need.  Should you have an existing pump or seal that you would like to replace or repair, please feel free to contact us!



Sales of Industrial Pumps, Agricultural Pumps, Mechanical Seals for all Pump Models, Motors Valves, Gland Packing, JoJo Tanks, Tools and Engineering Equipment.





I.T.S Pumps & Seals repair all types of pumps and electrical equipment in our fully equipped workshop.




Site Visits

Our engineers are available to visit you on site, discuss a specific requirement and provide you with a detailed quotation for the necessary equipment.




Stock Holding

We have extensive stock of mechanical seals including single and double cartridge seals and gland packings, electric motors, pumps and spares.






Done at your convenience


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