I.T.S. Pumps & Seals was established in July 2009.

We provide world class products, excellent service and professionalism.

We value team work and communication.  This results successful projects and client relationships.


Our experienced staff provide timeous and professional service and our quality brands meet our client’s expectations. We value team work and communication. This results in successful projects and client relationships.

These key elements work hand in hand to create a truly South African business that understands the importance of quality and value.

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Our Reviews

Looks good , I would support them because their service is friendly and good.

Excellent, fast service. Super friendly staff.

Great company sells good products.

They are the best place in PE for any types of pumps and seals. They have been in business for many years and truly take care of their customers needs.

Quality, durability and affordable price.

Thank you ITS for the absolute stunning and friendly service that you provided to us today. It was done in a friendly and efficient way and I can recommend them to anyone who has got problems with any pumps. Thumbs up to you Ernest Melville. You are tops!!!!

A big thanks to Johan le Roux and his team at ITS pumps. Bought a waterpump that was functioning correctly and the team at ITS sorted me out immediately after testing the pump. Great after service and I would recommend them to anyone looking for rainwater harvesting solutions they seem to do it all.